RAA Directive 701 - M777AA2


We have just obtained data for the M777A2 and now offer a full set of templates for this weapon based on RAA Directive 701.  M2A2, L118, L118 and M198 templates remain archived and are available on request. All 81 mm Mortar templates are now contained in LWP-G 7-3-3, and are also listed below.


Note 81 mm Mortar: All 81 mm Mortar ammunition natues are NOT contained in LWP-G 7-3-1, but are now contained in LWP-G 7-3-3 Indirect Fire - Range Orders AL2. These templates are listed under the category of RAA. Old MLW 2-9-2 AL10 templates (AL10-25a to AL10-25e) can currently still be used for 81 mm DENEL ammunition, but all M800 ammunition from previouls LEA Drawings (AL10-25f to AL10-25i) have been replaced by new templates based on 7-3-3.