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Laser Cutting and Engraving

We are equipped with a Universal Laser Systems M300 desktop laser cutter and engraver. We have over 15 of experience in the use of laser cutting equipment and are currently planning a major upgrade in laser cutting and engraving capacity.

Current Bed Size – 305 x 609 mm.


Large Format CNC

We have now finished building of our BlackToe large format CNC machine. This gives us the capability to manufacture plaques in any size or style required from a wide range of materials, as well as manufacture in 2.5D and 3D.

Bed Size – 2600 x 1200 mm


Rotary Cutting and Engraving

We recently acquired a Roland EGX 600 desktop rotary engraver. This means that we have the ability to offer a deeper engraving option for vector based graphics and text than laser alone. This system can also provide plaques carved in 2.5D or 3D, with bevelled lettering, and other effects not currently developed into the products contained in this offer.

Bed Size – 405 x 609 mm.


Digital UV Large Format Printing

Our HP H45500 UV printer can print directly onto almost any surface with UV stable and waterproof inks. It would also be possible to develop awards based on printing directly on materials such as glass, marble, leather, etc.

Bed Size – 1370 x 2440 mm.


Large Format Lamination

The Titan laminator we use is capable of both encapsulation and self adhesive lamination, with each roller capable of maintaining a pre set independent temperature.

Width – 1600 mm.


Dye Sublimation Heat Press

We have a range of dye sublimation products to allow us to sublimate a full colour image into almost any material that may be required. Dye sublimation can easily be combined with laser or rotary engraving.

Bed Size – 295 x 380 mm.


Primera Lable Printer

We can print short or long run labels in a range of sizes and materials on our Premera LX 900 lable printer.