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NEW LWP-G 7-3-1 2015 AL1

In early 2015 we were all told that LWP-G 7-3-1 AL2 was due for imminent publication, however, AL2 was never published. In its place LWP-G 7-3-1 was totally republished with a new publication date of Aug 2015 and this new publication was amended to AL1 in Oct 16. So the sequence of publication goes:-

  • LWP-G 7-3-1 Nov 2012, with AL1 Jun 14
  • LWP-G 7-3-1 Aug 2015, with AL1 Oct 16

From the Ammunition Danger Area Templates (ADAT) point of view LWP-G 7-3-1 Nov 2012 represented a major change with the inclusion of the closing angle of 1060 mils which made all of the old MLW 2-9-2 templates obsolete. LWP-G 7-3-1 2012 AL1 was also a major revision with the closing angle reverting to 800 mils making most of the 7-3-1 AL0 set obsolete.

LWP-G 7-3-1 Aug 2015 represented no change from 7-3-1 2012 AL1 as far as we could see, and LWP-G 7-3-1 2015 AL1 only has one minor change to the 40mm Mk 19 GMG templates. If your laser cut ADAT templates are annotated LWP-G 7-3-1 2012 AL1 then they are the current templates less the 40 mm Mk 19 GMG templates which should be at LWP-G 7-3-1 2015 AL1. The 40 mm Mk 19 GMG template has changed and is now split into separate HE and Prac templates. The old HE data is the same, but the old Prac template is unsafe and should not be used


Full Set - All weapons, natures and conditions listed in the pages below including Snipers.

Dismounted Full - All dismounted weapons, natures and conditions less Snipers. 

Dismounted Static to Moving - All basic small arms and explosive natures static firing point with no Javelin.

Mounted - Converts a dismounted set to a mounted set. 

Sniper - The sniper and marksman set is only available in the 10 mils and 20 mils dispersion.

Note 81 mm Mortar - All 81 mm Mortar ammunition natures are NOT contained in LWP-G 7-3-1, but are now contained in LWP-G 7-3-3 Indirect Fire - Range Orders AL2. 

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