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RA Inf

LWP-G 7-3-0 AL2 2019

WARNING - 7.62mm, 12.7mm and 12 Gauge No 6-9 Templates from 7-3-0 AL0 are now unsafe and should be replaced with AL2 sheets below.


Full Set - All weapons, natures and conditions listed in the pages below including Snipers.

Dismounted Full - All dismounted weapons, natures and conditions less Snipers. 

Dismounted Static to Moving - All basic small arms and explosive natures static firing point with no Javelin.

Sniper - The sniper and marksman set is only available in the 10 mils and 20 mils dispersion.

AL2 Update - This set is all the sheets that have changed between AL0 and AL2.

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